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Market opportunities

Setting up a distribution network

Business Development

Setting up a local subsidiary

Selection of suppliers

Training and coaching

Market opportunities

business opportunity for Asia

Do you want to succeed in your exports to Asia?

It is essential to assess the characteristics of the target country’s market segment, its growth potential, and its competitive environment.

Eastwesting can conduct target customer visits, study competitors and issue business strategy proposal.

Meetings with key local industrial players and potential customers make it possible to test, adapt and validate the commercial strategy.

Visits can be organized as part of technical seminars or trade fairs depending on the target countries.

Establishment of a distribution network

distribution network Asia

Are you looking for the right distributors in Asia?

Once the market potential has been identified, the next step is to find the right distribution channels.

Setting up a network of specialized distributors is often the most effective way of disseminating innovative technologies.

A successful distributor makes it possible to have a single point of contact for sales, logistics and customer follow-up. He is in charge of carrying out the initial investments and provides feedback that is essential for adapting the products to the local market.

Eastwesting can help you identify, train and manage the most relevant prospects, specifiers and distributors.

Subsequently, the implementation of a commercial action plan will make it possible to energize this network and ensure the development of sales.

Business Development

business development Asia

Do you want to quickly increase your sales?

We drive, manage and execute your sales and marketing strategy to start and grow your business in Asia.

Business development requires constant and time-consuming effort to generate as many sales opportunities as possible and turn them into revenue.

In Asia, the customer relationship management, the sales negotiation process, the speed of action and the mode of communication are all specific and extremely different from common practices in other parts of the world.

Eastwesting can help you source and recruit local sales reps and track their work there on a daily basis.

Establishment of a local subsidiary


local subsidiary establishment in Asia

Do you want to set up locally?

A branch makes it possible to secure and establish local turnover, to manage stock as close as possible to the market and to develop value-added activities such as after-sales services. Several options are available to you:

• Representative office or trading company: creation and management of a local office. Eastwesting helps you set up and register your legal entity

• Hiring and management of personnel: search for local talent, hiring, administrative services and day-to-day management.

Our vast network in several countries and industries allows us to select the most suitable structure and candidates to hire for your local entity.

We can also manage staff locally and provide administrative services so you can stay focused on your core operations.

Search and selection of suppliers

suppliers sourcing in Asia

Do you want to secure your supplies?

Sourcing suppliers for supplies is essential to effective competition as well as fairness, integrity and transparency.

Eastwesting can carry out official supplier data verifications, identify the best positioned companies, analyze their product offer and their organization in order to assess their suitability for your needs.


Intercultural training and coaching

intercultural training and coaching Europe Asia

Do you want to make the cultural and geographical differences of your teams an asset in your development?

With its long experience of the different cultures of Europe and Asia, Eastwesting supports you in the preparation, support and coaching of your executives and teams regardless of their location.

  • Approach to cultural and managerial differences for leaders and managers
  • Long-term management of teams in preparation for a multi-site project
  • Preparation for expatriation or the reception of foreign collaborators in your teams