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Eastwesting connects innovative companies in printing technologies in Europe and Asia.

Printing technologies and their industrial applications are constantly evolving. Europe and Asia are full of innovative companies developing, using and improving these technologies with their respective strengths and specialties. Their applications in areas which are already revolutionizing our daily lives do not only depend on the integrated activity of large multinational corporations, but also on the ability of new ideas and products to meet the needs of applicators and end consumers. Eastwesting’s mission is to bring these different players together and help them create new collaborations between Europe and Asia.

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Extensive field expertise based on the 20 years of experience of its founder.

A deep knowledge of the printing industry.

Specialized partners in all the key areas of manufacturing and distribution of industrial products.

Boosting your business on a new target market.

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Create new partnerships between Europe and Asia with Eastwesting

Meet your market and the companies that will become your partners in printing technologies and their applications.

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The founder of Eastwesting

Frédéric Blancher

In-depth knowledge of Asia and international markets


As soon as I graduated in France, I started working in China and then in Asian markets for various French SMEs.

I then set up a factory in Shanghai specializing in the manufacture of inks for decorating consumer electronics products.

I founded Eastwesting to promote exchanges and business opportunities between Asian and European companies.

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