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Why expand your business to Asia?

Europe and Asia fascinate each other and are sources of curiosity and permanent opportunities. Having left to work very early in Asia, Frédéric Blancher, the founder of Eastwesting was able to witness the development and rapid integration of this zone into the world economy. In recent years, a new phase has begun in which the balance between questions of commercial dependence and technological rivalry remains to be found.

Asia business FAQ

For many companies who consider Asia as their next step of development, the fundamental questions are: How do I find distributors for my products? How to establish contact with reliable customers? How can I protect my know-how? Which country/market should I start with? How do I assess the reliability of my suppliers? How can I secure my investments?

Choosing an Asia Development Consultant

Eastwesting was created to help European and Asian companies get to know each other and work together. By choosing the particular sector of printing industries and their applications in printed electronics, we made the choice of expertise. Indeed, these industries offer great prospects and possibilities of infinite applications.


A pragmatic method geared towards SMEs

Eastwesting accompanies you in your development by being your relay on site and by taking advantage of a network of partners specialized in the manufacturing, distribution, and support of solutions for printing and electronics, both in Europe and in Asia.

Easwtwesting aims to become a key player at the center of the revolutions related to printed electronics between Europe and Asia.

My experience

For more than 20 years, I have successfully developed the activities of European companies in international markets and in Asia.

A development expert in Asia

As a student, I was already very attracted to Asia. I learned Japanese in parallel with my studies at the University of Dauphine PSL. As soon as I graduated, I worked for the Beijing Chamber of Industry and Commerce as part of international corporate volunteering.

I then broadened my horizons by working on the international development of French SMEs in both Asia and North America.

In 2003, I arrived in Shanghai to set up an ink manufacturing plant to serve Asian markets. Later I enriched my experience by working on different cosmetics markets in the Asia Pacific zone.

In 2021, I founded Eastwesting to promote exchanges and business opportunities between Asian and European companies.

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